The Si Rat Expressway (The Second Stage Expressway)


The Si Rat Expressway (Second Stage Expressway) is the first large-scale construction project in Thailand on the basis of public private partnership. This project is implemented on a BTO (Build Transfer Operate) basis, namely, the Company (formerly BECL) invested in the design, construction and operation of the Si Rat Expressway. In this regard, the title to various permanent constructions pertaining to or use of the Si Rat Expressway shall be vested in EXAT. The Company has the right to receive toll revenues as specified in the Agreement, with the Second Stage Expressway Agreement (Amendment) being signed on February 20, 2020 for an extension of the concession period until October 31, 2035. The Si Rat Expressway is comprised of three Sectors, covering a total distance of 38.5 kilometers, as follows:

Sector AB   starts from Ratchadapisek Road southward to Payathai Interchange eastward to Rama 9 Road and from Phayathai Interchange heading southward to Bangkhlo Interchange;

Sector C     starts from Ratchadapisek Road northward up to Chaeng Watthana Road; and

Sector D     starts from Rama 9 Road eastward to end at Srinakharindra Road.

Si Rat Expressway
(The Second Stage Expressway System)
Opening Date Revenue Revenue Sharing
Company : EXAT
Sector AฺB:
Rama 9 - Ratchadapisek
Phayathai - Bangkhlo
2 Sep 1993
6 Oct 1996
Company and EXAT 40:60
Sector C:
Ratchadapisek -Chaeng Watthana
8.0 2 Sep 1993 Company 100 : 0
Sector D:
Rama 9 - Srinagarindra
8.7 First Section
2 Dec 1998
Second Section
1 Mar 2000
Company 100 : 0
Total 38.5      

The Si Rat Expressway Control Center (CCB2) Tel. 0-2664-6400

Expressway Service

BEM established the expressway system control centers by having communications staff to coordinate with the rescue operation units as well as police officers on the expressway and at the ground level roads so as to service the motorists 24 hours a day.